How to complain

Why do you have a complaints procedure?

We take complaints very seriously and have developed our complaints procedure to:

  • make sure that when someone tells us there is something wrong with the service we provide, we respond with an aim to get it right first time;
  • give us a way of monitoring and checking our own performance and getting feedback to see how we can improve and maintain our services and relationship with our residents and the public; and
  • make sure that when you complain, you know what to expect, including who will respond and how long it will take them to respond.

When should I complain?

If you are not happy with something, tell us. You should complain if you feel we have:

  • not met a commitment that we have made to you;
  • treated you unfairly or impolitely;
  • not done something we said we would do; or
  • done something badly or that we should not have done.

Disputes between residents are not complaints. You should raise these with a member of staff through antisocial-behaviour or house-rules procedures.

Who can complain?

You don't have to be one of our residents to complain about our service. You may want someone to help you make your complaint - this could be a friend, relative or support worker. We are also happy to receive complaints from other people, including agencies that we work with or our neighbours.

How do I complain?

You can make a complaint in whatever way is best for you, for example:

  • by speaking to a member of staff;
  • by phone;
  • in writing; or
  • by email.

Dealing with your complaint

The member of staff dealing with your complaint will need to know your name and address, how they can contact you and whether this is the first time you have complained. In most cases, we will respond to you in the same way that you raised the complaint, but will follow this up in writing for our records.

When dealing with your complaint, we will:

  • acknowledge, within four working days, that we have received it;
  • listen to you and try to put right whatever it is that you are not happy about;
  • keep all of your information confidential;
  • make sure that we sort out your complaint promptly, politely and fairly;
  • respond within the timescales set out in our complaints procedure;
  • keep you informed if we need to take longer to sort out your complaint; and
  • tell you who you should contact if you want to move to the next stage of the complaints procedure.

Complaints procedure

Complaint stage Who will respond? How long will it take?
Stage 1 The relevant person responsible for the service that you are complaining about, for example the Housing Manager 15 working days from receiving the complaint
Stage 2 A senior manager 15 working days from receiving the complaint at stage 2
Stage 3 An independent review panel One calendar month from the date of the review panel

Housing Ombudsman

If you have followed the complaints procedure but are still not happy with the outcome after stage 3, you may want to contact the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Housing Ombudsman Service
81 Aldwych

Phone: 0300 111 3000

Fax: 020 7831 1942

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it